The Space-Age Presidency of John F. Kennedy

“The Space-Age Presidency of John F. Kennedy” is an unprecedented photo history book that pulls together more than 520 images for the first time, many previously unpublished, to visually document JFK’s interactions with the American space program. The authors drew from NASA, the US Air Force, Los Alamos, White Sands, the Kennedy Library, and other sources to chronicle his space-related activities and travels from 1961-63. Project Mercury and X-15/X-20 fans will enjoy this book, but it also encompasses the new age of satellites, space probes, and nuclear missiles. Readers will go behind the scenes at the White House and on field trips to military and space facilities around the country as Kennedy explores his nation’s growing capabilities. Each photo is accompanied by a detailed caption providing historical depth. This short video will give you a taste of what’s inside.  Authors John Bisney and J.L. Pickering.



The book is available now for pre-order on Amazon with a release date of February 14.

The Space-Aged Presidency of John F. Kennedy


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